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National broadband network

nbnThe ™ (National Broadband Network) is Australia's eagerly awaited new upgraded fixed-line telephone and Internet network, currently under construction across the country, designed to give everyone fast access to the Internet, regardless of where they live *。

nbn co limited (nbn) is a government business entity responsible fornbnThe launch of the ™ Network, as well as wholesale services to the telephone and Internet providers you interact with on a daily basis。As a wholesaler, we can't sell directly to customers, which means if you want to switchnbn™ Internet service, please contact your preferred phone or Internet provider and choose a new plan that suits your needs。

Translation or interpretation

For information on Chinese translations, please call TIS National 131 450 and request a connection to NBN ™ Contact Centre 1

Methods for transforming NBN ™ networks

You can do this through our websiteChecking your address,找出nbnWhen the service will be available in your locationOr contact us at the National Translation and Interpretation Service。

When a service is available in your area, we will send you a letter informing you that it is availablenbn™網絡。

When you have housing or officenbnPlease contact your preferred telephone or Internet provider for ™ Network service。The supplier will provide you with the following assistance

  • Choose a plan that suits your needs
  • 安排nbn™ supply equipment and installation
  • 提供nbn™ Support services after network connection

Medical alarms, fire monitors or elevator emergency phones

In the event of a power outage, if you still need to rely on critical safety devices such as medical alarms, fire alarms or elevator emergency phones, we recommend that you use alternative means of communication such as a recharged mobile phone as a backup。It is important to contact the supplier of these devices immediately to check whether they are still operational in the event of a power outage。You can also check out our webpage Device Compatibility Guide

Emergency contact

In an emergency requiring ambulance, police or fire services, please dial 000。Emergency support will use a 24-hour priority subscriber line to call TIS National (National Translation and Interpretation Service) to connect you with an interpreter。

Useful downloads

* Practical use including speednbn™ Network conditions, depending on the technology the provider uses to service your home。There are factors beyond our controlnbn™ network usage, such as the quality of the equipment used, software, reception, broadband plans, and vendor network design。

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